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Posts: 29

Posts: 29

I have the Data Editting working well in v1.2.7 now - thanks!

One quirk is the Import Data option.

When I try to pull data in, clicking "START IMPORT" doesn't seem to do anything - I get no change to my data, and no error message - in fact the dialogue doesn't even close with suggests nothing is being triggered.

I've tried this with both CSV and XLSX.

One other thing - I note that the required field names (first row) are those of the underlying database and not the specified Output Columns in the design tab. This is at-odds with the Export function which exports the data with the Output column names.

It would make sense to me, if the Import funciton used the same column names as the export funciton as I imagine users will pull the data out using the export, edit it, and load it back in using the import.


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