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Posts: 29

Posts: 29

A feature request.

I know by simply taking a copy of sqlwallet.s3db and appsettings.json, I can back-up any instance of SQLwallet.

Plus each individual report is exportable.

What would be really nice would be
a) If we export all reports as a zip or similar, or even better
b) Have SQLWallet interface with Git so that changes to the reports trigger a commit in an SCM.... and also you could import a bunch of reports from an SCM.

This complements the backup of the database, but allows changes to the underlying json files to be viewable over time in an SCM system.

Take a look at RunDeck they offer both a) and b) on their user created content, as well as instruction on how to backup the internal database too.

I suspect a) is pretty straightforward to do given a single report can already be exported, b) might be trickier!

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